SAM Workmate

Complete workshop management.

Complete Workshop Management

SAM Workmate contains all features found in SAM Lite plus:

  • Job Kits as standard
  • Comprehensive text libraries
  • Industry leading labour productivity management and reporting
  • Comprehensive stock/inventory management
  • Integrated job quotation and estimation functionality
  • Banking functionality
  • Fully integrated Cashbook (optional)


Work In Progress / Invoices:

  • Work-in-progress listing
  • Work-in-progress valuation reports
  • All job information on one screen
  • Dates, times and estimated hours
  • Technicians linked to jobs
    • Job Status flags and colour indicators
    • Customisable user defined job fields
  • All Customer and vehicle details
    • Split invoicing
    • Job margins displayed

Job Kits and Quotes:

  • Save common jobs as kits for future use
  • See margins by line, posting type or total job
  • Change details of kit during transfer to job
    • Save quotes by customer
    • Print quotes as quotation or estimate
    • Job kits can be loaded into quote
    • Instant conversion of quote into job


  • Comprehensive vehicle follow ups and service reminders
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Direct Mail
    • Report
  • Customer, stock and vehicle export functions
  • Most valuable customer report
  • Job source analysis reporting


  • Full stock transaction history
  • Customisable pricing discount matrix
  • Multiple stock pricing levels
    • Comprehensive stocktaking
    • Suggested buy (automated parts re-ordering)
  • Integrated parts catalogues
    • Supercessions and alternate parts
    • Automated manufacturer and supplier interfaces

Debtor Control:

  • Debtor posting drill-down
  • Credit limit, credit hold and terms options
  • Cash out facility
  • 12 Month aged balances and sales history
  • Comprehensive debtors audit trail
  • Individual/combined statement printing


  • Full debtors postings history


  • All receipts recorded (debtors and miscellaneous)
  • Automated banking supplement printing 
    Multiple bank accounts and transfer between accounts
  • Running cashbook balance
  • Transaction reporting
  • Bank account reconciliation

Labour Management:

  • Optional time clocking module
  • Technician labour productivity reporting
  • Detailed labour analysis
  • Industry benchmarking



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