SAM Forecourt

Optional add-on module for fuel pump point of sale.

Two business profit centres, one system

SAM Pump-point-of-sale is an optional module that runs fully integrated with SAM Elite, Supermate or Workmate software:

  • One debtors ledger for the entire business (workshop and forecourt)
  • Can have multiple cashdrawers and sales terminals
  • Multi-shift reporting and controls
  • Fully Integrated to SAM Back office functions (banking, Debtors, accounting etc)
  • Integrated cashdrawer, barcode and receipt printing
  • Separate POS invoice formats (for receipt printers)
  • Set stock for sale via POS only, workshop only or both
  • World class pump connection management


  • Combo sales
  • Sales analysis reporting
  • Point-of-sale audit trail reporting
  • Enforceable cashier identification on each sale
  • System month end processing independent of workshop
  • Full wetstock control
  • Quick keys to speed transactions
  • Transaction history maintained for the current fiscal year
  • Online enquiry view of invoice and payment history
  • Automated invoice crediting