SAM Elite

The complete, all-inclusive workshop software package.

SAM Elite contains all features found in SAM Supermate plus:

  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting
  • A fully integrated General Ledger
  • Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet export options
  • Automated Financial Report Archiving
  • Financial Budgets (with Year-to-Date and Last Year comparitives)


  • Auto-reversing journal options
  • Auto posting of stock and work-in-progress at month end
  • Able to post journals into prior periods including prior year
  • Can view monthly account balances on screen (in trial balance format)
  • Transaction history for the current fiscal year and previous years
  • Profit & Loss Statement - with 12 month rolling format option
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance (summary and detailed options)
  • Working Batch Summary
  • All reports can be sent to Screen, Printer and/or Microsoft Excel

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