Our average customer stays with us for 10-15 years.

TSI Group
SAM Computer Systems Ltd is a subsidiary of the TSI Group of Companies.

TSI Group has been a market leader in providing specialist software solutions to the automotive and related industries for over 35 years.

Our Software
SAM Computer Systems develops and supports two software products -SAM and Orion - for different parts of the motor industry.

SAM is a workshop management system boasting over 2000 installations in (mainly independent) workshops nationwide.

Orion is a dealer management system (DMS) installed in over 450 business locations.

Each year approximately 100 SAMs and 40 Orions are commissioned, sold and installed annually in Australia, New Zealand and in over 20 other countries.

Windows Technology and Private Cloud Hosting
Our software employs the latest technology and is constantly being developed and improved to incorporate benefits that become available through innovation or technological advances.

Since 2010 both systems have been available as a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service offering. Systems are hosted in TSI Group's "private cloud" virtualised hosting centres in Sydney and Auckland.


Long Term Customer Relationships

Our average customer stays with us for 10-15 years. Some current customers have now been with us for for 30 years.

Our business model reflects this approach. We look to build mutually beneficial, long term partnerships with our clients – and we have hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied clients who will attest to the fact that we have successfully achieved this. Our software products improve and enhance the business operations of our clients, dramatically increasing efficiency in many cases and producing a real and significant bottom-line return on their initial investment.

1st in Staff
The strong relationships we have with customers are also based on the fact that our software consultants have intimate and thorough understanding of the industry and the business processes our clients use every day.

In most cases our staff are employed directly from the industry and they therefore understand exactly what our system users want and need in their working day.

We have 25 dedicated software support consultants – easily the largest support team of any software provider to the industry – covering every aspect of our clients' business operations. In particular, we have specialists in accounting (including chartered accountants), user training, hardware and business consultancy to provide a total business support structure.

1st in Service
Feedback from independent sources consitently ranks our after sales service first in our industry. Our customer loyalty and longevity reinforces this point, as do the many unsolicited comments, letters and emails we regularly receive from grateful clients and users.

We don’t rest on our laurels, however. We constantly strive to improve our service levels and our software for the benefit of our clients.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it as well!